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Kitchen World TDI, our goods can handle widespread kitchen wear of professional to household use..


flavor of the TDI store!

LE CREUSET LE CREUSET So depth of assortment! OXO OXO keeping package goods BAMIX BAMIX easy hand blender KITCHENAID KITCHENAID famous stand mixer.
CHEMEX CHEMEX coffee brewing system! BEALETTI BEALETTI Coffee Makers! NODA HORO NODA HORO Japanese enameled vessel! YANAGISOURI YANAGISOURI stainless Japanese produced!
WECK WECK Glass package goods! SUNCRAFT SUNCRAFT Japanese silicon mold Silikomart Silikomart Italy silicon mold DURALEX DURALEX famous for toughened glassware


selection of kitchenware from around the world.

Arcoroc Arcoroc OBERGLAS OBERGLAS Stolzle Lausitz Stolzle Lausitz Luminarc. Luminarc.
Chefin Chefin Peugeot Peugeot TDI marble pasteboard TDI marble pasteboard TDI Acasia bowl TDI Acasia bowl
TDI tray TDI tray stone-bowl bibimba stone-bowl bibimba TDI hinabe TDI hinabe TDI Original glass ware TDI Original glass ware

"Kitchen World TDI" offer a wider selection of fresh kitchen item, such as national brand and import brands, and some also provide shopping carts and chatting areas.