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Besides our kitchen utensil shop Kitchen World, we offer our wide-ranging selection of both, Japanese and western style cooking knives in TDI knife shop.

We are an import agency of Wsthof Dreizack, a knife manufacture in Solingen, Germany, and we give their knives our original arrange for Japanese customers.

What may be perfect for one customer may not be perfect for all customers. You can try how the knives feel in your hands. Our large selection will respond to various needs of our customers, as professional, personal use cooking knives, and also order-made knives.

TDI 東京直輸入センター オリジナル製品

We guarantee our original knives will respond to our cusomer's demand.

Standard Series   Scallop Series
Many professional chefs love our original knife, TDI Standard series. We offer this our best-selling knife series, superior sharpness with round shape wooden handle in various sizes.   With keeping usability of TDI Standard series, this hollow-edge makes air pocket and prevents sliced food materials from sticking to the blade. It helps to cut cleanly, especially on tomatoes, onions and cucumbers.

Wusthofs knives (known as Dreizack in Japanese market) are the cherished tools of the worlds most distinguished chefs and home cooking enthusiasts.

Special Grade series, limited models for Japanese market are the joint development products between TDI and Wusthof.

Limited model for Japanese market, refined for maximum utility Ergonomic design knife. Culinar knife series with special refinement for Japanese market. A Collaboration product between Wusthof and Le Cordon Bleu.


Global knives are the worldユs first knives to have a fully integrated handle and blade. The idea of making the entire knife, from the point of the blade to the butt of the handle, out of a single piece of steel, swept over the cooking world by storm.