Information about TDI

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“Please feel free to ask us for your request!
We do the best to help you with our skilled experience in the business for decades.
Your opinions also help to improve ourselves! ”

by Yasuo Fukasawa

Information about TDI

Welcome and Thank You for visiting Our Web Site!
As known as "Kitchen World TDI" our retail stores, Tokyo Direct Import Center Co., Ltd.(TDI) is the leading company in Tokyo Japan for providing imported quality kitchenware products -- baking, cooking & measuring equipment; specialty cake decorating; and a wide assortment of kitchen tools, knives & appliances.
We guarantee the BEST price with the BEST quality!
We visit exhibitions all over the world several times a year, Europe, North America, Asia wherever it is held, to find "INTERESTING" items.
Then, why not? we import them a.s.a.p.
This quick action is what we are, and all is to give full satisfaction to our customers.

Since we started kitchenware business as a knife peddler already 25years have past. Sometimes, I look back to the good old days with profound nostalgia.

20years ago I often visited a staff cafeteria of Ohkura Hotel for knife sales, and had lunch there with cooks.
It was so nice lunch, sometimes with ice cream. One day one of the cooks told me, "The old man always tells us, "Put really yourselves into your work. The feeling is the most essential for the cooking."". This "the old man" is Mr. Ono, the general chief chef. Then I asked him, the cook, "But, only feeling? Knife is also important for cooking, isn't it?". "Yeah, knives are the most reliable tool to express our feeling.".
The cooks, they really loved cooking.
Now we have young people, budding cooks, student cooks as customers of our kitchenware shop. It's always same.
They also love cooking, same as the cooks.
Some people are very silent, not speak much, but I feel their sincerity to the cooking. They will lead the next generation.
Not only professional cooks, but also the cooking enthusiasts, housewife, for all people who love cooking we are working on expanding our item selection range.
We wish all the people happy cooking life.

Best wishes

Yasuo Fukasawa.